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What is Raider Pride?
Raider Pride is showing expected behavior as taught through PBIS.   #RaiderPrideAllTheTime is about growing students that are not only responsible, respectful, positive and safe in the classrooms and everywhere in the school building, but also in the community.   Education's purpose is to create citizens ready for the world beside parents and community as a team.

What is PBIS all about?
PBIS (School Wide- Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) is a program that Nicollet is using to reinforce a positive atmosphere throughout our school and community. Raider Pride has four positive behavior expectations. They are: Be RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, POSITIVE, and SAFE.
What are SIRs?
Student Incident Reports (SIR) are many times a way to communicate and document behavior.  The documentation from SIRs give us the data to make factual decisions as we proceed.