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Little Raiders Preschool

The Program
Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education preschool welcomes children ages 3 through 5 years. Our preschool offers children a variety of experiences that are age and developmentally appropriate as a foundation for continued learning experiences. Licensed teachers teach classes with experienced paraprofessionals assisting.

Our objectives are to stimulate young children to love learning and to provide the highest quality early childhood experience for every individual child. We encourage responsible behavior in our children, especially group cooperation and concern for others. We recognize children as unique individuals and celebrate their many exceptional differences. We learn through fun and play!! Play is child’s work and is encouraged as a productive avenue for learning. Our program supports the concept that each child is a unique individual and develops at his/her own rate. Group experiences foster independence, build self-confidence, encourage problem solving and develop self-identity outside of the child’s role in his/her family.

With this in mind we realize that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers.

Days and Hours
Little Raiders Preschool offers two sessions:
* 3-4 year olds (3 by September 1st)
Monday-Wednesday Mornings from 8:00a-10:30a
$110.00 per month

* 4-5 year olds (4 by September 1st)
Monday-Thursday Afternoons from 12:05p-3:05p

Registration Fee
There is a $30.00 non-refundable registration fee. This will hold your child’s spot in the class for the fall start date.

Contact: Carrie Hoffman