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Welcome to the Infant Classroom

Welcome to the Nicollet Early Childhood Center Infant classroom. It is our goal to create a home-like, nurturing environment where individual and attentive care is given to each child. We aim to foster the emotional security children need for healthy development.

In the Infant Room we have a daily schedule to create a sense of stability. This schedule is a rough estimate of how our day will flow and is adjusted as needed for each child. Our schedule includes time for daily activities that are age appropriate and help to foster your child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development. A Parent Newsletter giving a brief overview of upcoming events, curriculum and reminders will be sent home each month. A calendar of daily activities is also provided each month for your reference. This information and more can also be found on the Parent Board located in the entrance way.

At NECC, we pride ourselves in Parent- Teacher cooperation. Each day we invite you into the room and ask you fill out a “My Morning at Home” form to provide us with valuable information about your child. This is also your opportunity to list any special concerns or requests that you may have. Upon pick-up you will receive a “My Day at NECC” form containing valuable information about your child’s day including diaper changes, feedings, naps, medications, and other teacher comments. We will work cooperatively with you to give your child the love, reassurance and guidance they need to develop to their fullest potential.

Our Infant classroom offers
*Care for children 6 weeks to 15months
*Curriculum designed to stimulate sensory, cognitive and muscle development
*Caring and nurturing teachers
*Current training in CPR/First Aid and SUIDs/Shaken Baby
*Nursing room for mothers
*USDA Food Program participant
*Full or Part Time Care
*Private Pay or Child Care Assistance accepted

Contact: Kendra Hoffman