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Throughout the year NPS will be notified of scholarships at both the national and local level.  When NPS is notified of specific scholarships we will upload them to this page.

In addition to the scholarships NPS is made aware of there are also a variety of scholarship pages students may use to seek out additional opportunities.


Scholarship Finder - http://mnsu.academicworks.com/

Jobs which pay for College - https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/professions-that-pay-tuition/

Remember to check parent workplaces, banks and credit unions, coops and civic groups that you or your family are involved in to see if they offer any scholarships too.

Helpful Scholarship Links:
CollegeBoard - PSAT, SAT, CLEP, College Prep
Peterson's - Test Prep Courses and Practice
GoCollege - Helping Students Succeed in School
Hispanic Scholarship Fund - Empowering Courageous Leaders
College Sports Scholarships - Get recruited to play college sports
Guaranteed Scholarships - Guaranteed Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid
college-scholarships - Online College, Scholarships and Degree Programs
CollegeData.com - Online College Advisor
StudentScholarships.org - Largest collection of scholarships on the web 
Positive Coaching Alliance  (Juniors only)

Cappex - Every College, Every Scholarship

New Scholarship Information!