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  1. Bi County Girls – End of May / or June 3rd ends July 31
    1. 1-3 Grade – (Bi County Rookies) – Coach Pitches – 6:30pm on Tuesdays (June 4th)
    2. 4-6 Grade – (Bi County Peewees) – 6:30pm on Thursdays (June 6th)
    3. 7-10 Grade – (Jr Bi County) – 6:30pm on Sundays – Playoffs (June 2nd)
    4. 1 game a week – East Division – 8 weeks and 8 games
    5. Sigel, or Lafayette, Courtland, Stark, Leavenworth, Mt Lake, Springfield, Madelia

To be eligible to play, girls must have completed one year in the fifth grade and have not entered into the ninth grade at school. If a team is short players, girls younger than fifth grade must be agreed upon between coaches prior to the game.
Players may also be from New Ulm- hopefully not drafting players to make an elite team. Once a player begins with one team, she must stay for the year or not play.
All games start at 6:30pm unless both teams agree on a different time. Coaches will notify opposing team in advance for time changes.
Teams will play with 9 or 10 players on the field. There does not need to be an equal number of players on each team. There is no penalty for playing with 8 players.


Minnesota Girls State High School Fast Pitch Rules will apply with the following Exceptions:

  • 35 foot pitching distance
  • No stealing or running on third strike
  • NO INFIELD FLY RULE will be used
  • Player may lead off after pitcher releases the ball.  Player may be put out if played on. Player CANNOT steal or advance
  • 5 runs or 3 outs per half inning EXCEPT the last inning.
  • Complete the play in motion, but if more than 5 runs are obtained before the play is complete, only the 5 runs are counted. 
  • The batter at that time will not rebat.
  • 7 inning games or 11/2 hour time limit but complete the inning. If tied after that, use international rules of : player making last out  from previous inning will be the runner at 2nd base and the regular batter next up from previous inning will bat. The outs are 3 as normal.
  • 10 players may be on the field
  • Limit the pitching time for the same girl to 3 innings per game if possible, If only 2 pitchers let coach know before the game.
  • Coaches need to discuss and agree before the game: 1) innings     2) Umpire 3) strike zone 4) Pitchers

All games will start at 6:30 p.m.
All PeeWee rules apply with the following EXCEPTIONS:

  • Home team furnishes 11-inch game balls, optic yellow
  • 5 batters per ½  inning
  • 1 base on an overthrow in or outside the playing field
  • 25 feet pitching distance
  • 50 feet base distance
  • All games start at 6:30 pm
  • If a run scores with less than 2 outs the run counts even if it is the last batter.
  • Limit pitching time to 3 innings per girl per game, if possible.
  • Coaches may opt to pitch to their own team, if they deem the need based on the caliber of the opposing team’s pitcher.  If this takes place, the opposing team may have their pitcher pitch to their own team for her to get experience, if that is desired.  Opposing team coach may then pitch to their pitcher, when the time comes for her to hit in the line-up.
  • Both Coaches must agree on changes prior to game (ex: pitching, 7 batters, 12 fielders)