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Click on the link below to read the district's distance learning plan:


5-12 Parent Planners

Teachers for grades 5-12 will update the electronic planner on a weekly basis. The planner will list assignments and due dates. The planners are separated into Middle School and High School. Click on the links below for your child's grade level.

Middle School (5-8)



High School (9-12)


Technology Help Request for Distance Learning

Distance Learning for students is in effect from
March 30th through April 30th.

Nicollet Public Schools will remain closed through Monday, May 4th.

Additional information will be shared as soon as it is available.


Free Breakfast and Lunch to ANYONE in Need

In these times of uncertainty and instability communities always find ways to ease the pain of transformation and chaos. Together we can make a difference, and that time is now. Together we can help each and every person who needs it, and through the assistance of all our Organizations and businesses we will do just that! The Greater Area Nicollet Foundation, Nicollet Lions, Nicollet American Legion Family, Nicollet Conservation Club, & the Nicollet Public School have all teamed up to provide services for those in need. Starting March 17 these organizations and local businesses will be teaming up to help serve the area community in many aspects.

First is to provide a healthy Breakfast and Lunch to ANYONE in need (Youth, Adults, Elderly, and Veterans). The Nicollet American Legion will be open from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM daily and even weekends, if needed, to distribute these brown bag meals to people in need of a daily nutritious meal. For those that are unable to drive, are sick/self quarantined, or simply cannot make these times we will deliver to the surrounding Nicollet area.

Second is to provide services for anyone that is in need of assistance in the community. If anyone is sick and cannot leave their homes to grocery shop, laundry, etc, please contact someone below to setup a time for assistance.

Please, for anyone that truly needs the assistance reach out to the program for help, no questions asked! As a community we will get through these times. Today we don’t know if this will be 2 weeks or two months, things will change. Please be flexible as we try provide the best service we can to such a great community!


Contact Numbers so we can plan meals, setup delivery, and help with services are:

    Adam Erickson – 507-995-8530

    Vicky Erickson – 507-995-3241

    Del Vulcan – 507-381-9232

    Chris Shay – 507-351-0825