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Congratulations to the NPS Art Students 

Nicollet high school had 9 students participate in the 2018 Section 2A MSHSL Visual Arts Competition. This year the competition was hosted at Sibley East High School in Arlington. To participate, students who have demonstrated exceptional work and the desire to compete at the competition are required to prepare their work for judging as well as write an artist statement to accompany their work. Judges rate each artwork and statement according to a scoring rubric. Students are then awarded with a participation, excellent or superior award. There are 12 categories students can enter works into. The judges select a Spotlight Award for each category which is then invited to advance to the Minnesota State Visual Arts Exhibition. This year’s competition falls on May 5th at the Perpich Center for Arts Education.

Nicollet students did very well at the competition earning 2 participation awards, 5 excellent awards and 7 superiors. Students that earned a superior award were: Lindsey Boerger, Savannah Pyan, Kayley Silva, Valerie Weber, Riley Duis (for 2 works)  & Josh Chadderdon. Nicollet also had two works chosen as spotlight awards: a photograph by Riley Duis and a computer based artwork by Valerie Weber.

Students are able to enter multiple works in the show, although each school is limited to 22 total works. At the event students also participated a two art making activities led by two working artists from MN: Laura Brown and Alison Price.

Here is the complete list of students (and their grade level) that participated this year:

Lindsey Boerger (12)
Ean Thompson (12)
Josh Chadderdon (11)
Savannah Pyan (11)
Jessi Johnson (11)
Riley Duis (11)
Olivia Chester (11)
Kayley Silva (10)
Valerie Weber (9)

Nicollet Public School Turns to
Technology as an Option for Reporting

Earlier this month Nicollet Public School started offering an
option to report incidents to the school through their website.
A user will find the reporting tab within the drop down found when
scrolling over the DISTRICT tab from the main page. After the form is
complete, a report is sent to school administration for review.
The idea for the form came from an article in the
January 2018 edition of District Administration¬†magazine.

To view the article, click the link below.